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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read frei (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Befreiung freeing   Read  Read
  Read freibekommen free   Read  Read
  Read unterrichtsfrei free   Read  Read
  Read unfrei not free   Read  Read
  Read eisfrei ice free   Read  Read
  Read Freihub free lift   Read  Read
  Read Freizeit free time   Read  Read
  Read Freibier free beer   Read  Read
  Read Freigut free goods   Read  Read
  Read Freimaß free size   Read  Read
  Read Freiflug free ride   Read  Read
  Read zollfrei duty free   Read  Read
  Read Freifahrt free ride   Read  Read
  Read Freiliste free list   Read  Read
  Read abgabefrei tax free   Read  Read
  Read Freifeld free field   Read  Read
  Read freisetzen set free   Read  Read
  Read steuerfrei tax free   Read  Read
  Read Freiraum free space   Read  Read
  Read Freiwurf free throw   Read  Read
  Read Freispiel free game   Read  Read
  Read Freihafen free zone   Read  Read
  Read freilaufen run free   Read  Read
  Read Freihafen free port   Read  Read
  Read Freistoß free kick   Read  Read
  Read portofrei post free   Read  Read
  Read Freistrahl free jet   Read  Read
  Read Freiplatz free seat   Read  Read
  Read Freilos free ticket   Read  Read
  Read Freistadt free city   Read  Read
  Read Freischuss free shot   Read  Read
  Read Freistaat free state   Read  Read
  Read Freistunde free hour   Read  Read
  Read freikommen come free   Read  Read
  Read abgabefrei duty free   Read  Read
  Read Freistück free copy   Read  Read
  Read Freiflug free flight   Read  Read
  Read Freitisch free meals   Read  Read
  Read freihalten keep free   Read  Read
  Read steuerfrei duty free   Read  Read
  Read Freiplatz free place   Read  Read
  Read Freischuß free shot   Read  Read
  Read freifallen free fall   Read  Read
  Read drogenfrei drug free   Read  Read
  Read Freistelle free place   Read  Read
  Read fehlerfrei fault free   Read  Read
  Read Freihäfen free ports   Read  Read
  Read Freilauf free running   Read  Read
  Read Freihandel free trade   Read  Read
  Read Freikarte free ticket   Read  Read
  Read Freifläche free area   Read  Read
  Read portofrei postage free   Read  Read
  Read Freistunde free period   Read  Read
  Read freilebend living free   Read  Read
  Read freigehalten kept free   Read  Read
  Read Freifläche free space   Read  Read
  Read Freikirche Free Church   Read  Read
  Read Freifahrt free journey   Read  Read
  Read Freiexemplar free copy   Read  Read
  Read freilebend free living   Read  Read
  Read Freikolben free piston   Read  Read
  Read Freiformen Free forming   Read  Read
  Read Frachtfrei Freight free   Read  Read
  Read Freiballon free balloon   Read  Read
  Read gebührenfrei toll free   Read  Read
  Read Freispeicher free space   Read  Read
  Read Freistädte free cities   Read  Read
  Read frachtfrei carriage free   Read  Read
  Read Freispeicher free memory   Read  Read
  Read Freivermerk free comment   Read  Read
  Read Freigepäck free baggage   Read  Read
  Read Redefreiheit free speech   Read  Read
  Read alkoholfrei alcohol free   Read  Read
  Read Freifahrschein free pass   Read  Read
  Read Freigepäck free luggage   Read  Read
  Read Freiaushang free posting   Read  Read
  Read Freilassung setting free   Read  Read
  Read Freikonzert free concert   Read  Read
  Read Freihandelszone free zone   Read  Read
  Read Freikontingent free quota   Read  Read
  Read Willensfreiheit free will   Read  Read
  Read störungsfrei trouble free   Read  Read
  Read Freiquartier free quarters   Read  Read
  Read Freigepäck free allowance   Read  Read
  Read Freifahrschein free ticket   Read  Read
  Read Handlungsfreiheit free hand   Read  Read
  Read Freilieferung free delivery   Read  Read
  Read Bankenfreiheit free banking   Read  Read
  Read Freihandzeichnung free hand   Read  Read
  Read lösemittelfrei solvent free   Read  Read
  Read Willensfreiheiten free wills   Read  Read
  Read Handlungsfreiheit free scope   Read  Read
  Read Lotsenfreiheit free pilotage   Read  Read
  Read Bewegungsfreiheit free swing   Read  Read
  Read Freizügigkeit free movement   Read  Read
  Read Gedankenfreiheit free thought   Read  Read
  Read eisfrei free of ice   Read  Read
  Read mietfrei free of rent   Read  Read
  Read zollfrei free of duty   Read  Read
  Read gratfrei free of burs   Read  Read
  Read farbfrei free of paint   Read  Read
  Read schneefrei free of snow   Read  Read
  Read kostenfrei free of cost   Read  Read
  Read porenfrei free of pores   Read  Read
  Read fettfrei free of grease   Read  Read
  Read rißfrei free of cracks   Read  Read
  Read fieberfrei free of fever   Read  Read
  Read lackfrei free of lacquer   Read  Read
  Read kampffrei free of combat   Read  Read
  Read massefrei free of ground   Read  Read
  Read rauschfrei free of noise   Read  Read
  Read spesenfrei free of charge   Read  Read
  Read zinsfrei free of interest   Read  Read
  Read sündenfrei free from sin   Read  Read
  Read sorgenfrei free from care   Read  Read
  Read zunderfrei free of scales   Read  Read
  Read Ölfreiheit free from oil   Read  Read
  Read schuldfrei free from debt   Read  Read
  Read schuldenfrei free of debt   Read  Read
  Read kostenfrei free of charge   Read  Read
  Read portofrei free of postage   Read  Read
  Read schuldenfrei free of debts   Read  Read
  Read honorarfrei free of charge   Read  Read
  Read wasserfrei free from water   Read  Read
  Read kostenfrei free of expense   Read  Read
  Read fehlerfrei free from error   Read  Read
  Read metallfrei free from metal   Read  Read
  Read Frachtfrei Free of freight   Read  Read
  Read zweifelsfrei free of doubt   Read  Read
  Read tadelsfrei free from blame   Read  Read
  Read Freilos free lottery ticket   Read  Read
  Read schuldenfrei free from debt   Read  Read
  Read honorarfrei free of royalty   Read  Read
  Read spielfrei free of clearance   Read  Read
  Read lichthoffrei free from halo   Read  Read
  Read mängelfrei free of defects   Read  Read
  Read silikonfrei free of silicone   Read  Read
  Read bruchfrei free from breakage   Read  Read
  Read spannungsfrei free of stress   Read  Read
  Read fehlerfrei free from defects   Read  Read
  Read gebührenfrei free of charge   Read  Read
  Read leckagefrei free from leakage   Read  Read
  Read butzenfrei free of protruding   Read  Read
  Read schlierenfrei free of streaks   Read  Read
  Read mängelfrei free from defects   Read  Read
  Read havariefrei free from average   Read  Read
  Read vorurteilsfrei free from bias   Read  Read
  Read Freilaufbetrieb Free Run mode   Read  Read
  Read Freiraumoptik free space optic   Read  Read
  Read Freihafengebiet free port area   Read  Read
  Read pigmentfrei free from pigments   Read  Read
  Read schlierenfrei free from streaks   Read  Read
  Read Freihandelszone free trade zone   Read  Read
  Read Freiformfläche free form shape   Read  Read
  Read stempelsteuerfrei free of stamp   Read  Read
  Read Freihandelszone free trade area   Read  Read
  Read blasenfrei free of blow holes   Read  Read
  Read zollfrei free of customs duty   Read  Read
  Read spesenfrei free of all charge   Read  Read
  Read Bahnfrei Free on rail (f.o.r.)   Read  Read
  Read Freiheitswille will to be free   Read  Read
  Read spesenfrei free of all charges   Read  Read
  Read lunkerfrei free of shrink holes   Read  Read
  Read zollfrei free from customs duty   Read  Read
  Read Berufsfreiheit free choice of job   Read  Read
  Read zuschlagsfrei free of extra charge   Read  Read
  Read Freistoßtor goal from a free kick   Read  Read
  Read kostenfrei f.o.c. : free of charge   Read  Read
  Read Freilauf free wheel   Read  Read
  Read freies Elektron free electron   Read  Read
  Read freie Elektronen free electrons   Read  Read
  Read Eintritt frei entrance free   Read  Read
  Read freie Enthalpie free enthalpy   Read  Read
  Read freie Fläche free area   Read  Read
  Read freie Imitation free imitation   Read  Read
  Read freie Beladung free loading   Read  Read
  Read freie Kante Free edge   Read  Read
  Read freie Kost free meals   Read  Read
  Read Eintritt frei free admission   Read  Read
  Read Eintritt frei! Admission free!   Read  Read
  Read freie Leitung free line   Read  Read
  Read freie Liegezeit free time   Read  Read
  Read freie Liste free list   Read  Read
  Read spesenfrei Inkasso free item   Read  Read
  Read freie Meinung free opinion   Read  Read
  Read freie Minute free moment   Read  Read
  Read freie Morpheme free morphemes   Read  Read
  Read freie Märkte free markets   Read  Read
  Read freie Nachahmung free imitation   Read  Read
  Read freie Nationen free nations   Read  Read
  Read freie Atmung free breathing   Read  Read
  Read freie Oberfläche free surface   Read  Read
  Read freie Presse free press   Read  Read
  Read freie Pressen free presses   Read  Read
  Read freie Radikale free radicals   Read  Read
  Read freie Rede free conversation   Read  Read
  Read freie Rede free speech   Read  Read
  Read freie Rücklage free surplus   Read  Read
  Read freie Rücklagen free reserves   Read  Read
  Read freie Schicht free layer   Read  Read
  Read gratis (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read gratis cost free   Read  Read
  Read Gratisreise free trip   Read  Read
  Read Gratisprobe free trial   Read  Read
  Read Gratisaktie free share   Read  Read
  Read Gratisangebot free deal   Read  Read
  Read Gratisprobe free sample   Read  Read
  Read Gratismuster free sample   Read  Read
  Read Gratisplakat free posting   Read  Read
  Read Gratiskostprobe free tasting   Read  Read
  Read gratis free of cost   Read  Read
  Read Gratisbeilage free supplement   Read  Read
  Read gratis free of charge   Read  Read
  Read kostenlos (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read kostenlos free of cost   Read  Read
  Read kostenlos free of charge   Read  Read
  Read franko (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read franko freight free   Read  Read
  Read franko free of payment   Read  Read
  Read befreien (v) free (v)   Read  Read
  Read befreiend freeing   Read  Read
  Read freilassen (v) free (v)   Read  Read
  Read freilassen set free   Read  Read
  Read frei (adv) freely (adv)   Read  Read
  Read frei wählbar freely selectable   Read  Read
  Read umsonst (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read umsonst for free   Read  Read
  Read frei (prep) freed (prep)   Read  Read
  Read freibelegbar (adj) freely assignable (adj)   Read  Read
  Read freischwebend (adj) freely suspended (adj)   Read  Read
  Read befreit (adj) freed (adj)   Read  Read
  Read befreit (adj) frees (adj)   Read  Read
  Read gediegen (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read losmachen (v) free (v)   Read  Read
  Read freigeben (v) free (v)   Read  Read
  Read beliebig (adj) freely selectable (adj)   Read  Read
  Read freigebig (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
  Read reichlich (adj) freely (adv)   Read  Read
  Read unbelastet (adj) free (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read entblocken free   Read  Read
  Read offenherzig free   Read  Read
  Read unverbindlich free   Read  Read
  Read uneingeschränkt free   Read  Read
  Read Spiel free play   Read  Read
  Read Free-TV free TV   Read  Read
  Read FCA free carrier   Read  Read
  Read Zugabe free gift   Read  Read
  Read Beigabe free gift   Read  Read
  Read offen free spoken   Read  Read
  Read ausleben run free   Read  Read
  Read Kür free skating   Read  Read
  Read Auslauf free range   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle free wave   Read  Read
  Read Kostgeld free board   Read  Read
  Read Spielraum free play   Read  Read
  Read Nulltarif free fare   Read  Read
  Read Spielraum free swing   Read  Read
  Read Exciton free exciton   Read  Read
  Read Spielraum free space   Read  Read
  Read Parkplatz free space   Read  Read
  Read Genießer free liver   Read  Read
  Read Kauffrau free dealer   Read  Read
  Read Gutschein free ticket   Read  Read
  Read Schlichtsitz free fit   Read  Read
  Read Reichsstadt free city   Read  Read
  Read zinslos interest free   Read  Read
  Read Kürlauf free skating   Read  Read
  Read Atmung free breathing   Read  Read
  Read Deputatkohle free coal   Read  Read
  Read Genießerin free liver   Read  Read
  Read Streubesitz free float   Read  Read
  Read Wildgehege free warren   Read  Read
  Read Free-Wagen free trolley   Read  Read
  Read Urlaubsschein free pass   Read  Read
  Read Werbegeschenk free gift   Read  Read
  Read Leichtlauf free running   Read  Read
  Read Werbemuster free sample   Read  Read
  Read Landurlaub free gangway   Read  Read
  Read Naturalrabatt free goods   Read  Read
  Read Nulltarif free admission   Read  Read
  Read Ausdruckstanz free dance   Read  Read
  Read Reklameartikel free gift   Read  Read
  Read Aufsatz free composition   Read  Read
  Read Antikörper free antibody   Read  Read
  Read Durchlaßschein free pass   Read  Read
  Read Kaufmannsfrau free dealer   Read  Read
  Read Durchlassschein free pass   Read  Read
  Read IF-Stahl Interstitial free   Read  Read
  Read Durchschlagzunge free reed   Read  Read
  Read Freeclimbing free climbing   Read  Read
  Read Nachdichtung free rendering   Read  Read
  Read Handschrift free handwriting   Read  Read
  Read Fortbewegung free locomotion   Read  Read
  Read F.O.B. free on board   Read  Read
  Read FOR/FOT free on rail   Read  Read
  Read NFA next free address   Read  Read
  Read haben have free scope   Read  Read
  Read zwanglos free and easy   Read  Read
  Read sorglos free from care   Read  Read
  Read risikolos free of risk   Read  Read
  Read FAS free alongside ship   Read  Read
  Read schadlos free from loss   Read  Read
  Read ungeniert free and easy   Read  Read
  Read zinslos free of interest   Read  Read
  Read fehlerlos free from error   Read  Read
  Read geruchlos free from smell   Read  Read
  Read entstauben free from dust   Read  Read
  Read entschulden free from debt   Read  Read
  Read emotionslos free of emotion   Read  Read
  Read leckdicht free from leakage   Read  Read
  Read Fettsäure Free fatty acids   Read  Read
  Read Dutyfreeshop duty free shop   Read  Read
  Read Anklopfen connect when free   Read  Read
  Read lecksicher free from leakage   Read  Read
  Read Barriere free energy barrier   Read  Read
  Read unentgeltlich free of charge   Read  Read
  Read FSF Free Software Foundation   Read  Read
  Read windgeschützt free from wind   Read  Read
  Read unbeschädigt free of damages   Read  Read
  Read Scherschicht free shear layer   Read  Read
  Read Duty-free-Shop duty free shop   Read  Read
  Read FIO free in and out   Read  Read
  Read unverzinslich free of interest   Read  Read
  Read Wertgutschein free gift coupon   Read  Read
  Read Duty-free-Shops duty free shops   Read  Read
  Read Schulspeisung free school meals   Read  Read
  Read unvoreingenommen free from bias   Read  Read
  Read Scherströmung free shear flows   Read  Read
  Read leckagesicher free from leakage   Read  Read
  Read Mikrophon free field microphone   Read  Read
  Read enttabuisieren free from taboos   Read  Read
  Read unentgeltlich as a free gift   Read  Read
  Read rückblocken to free the line   Read  Read
  Read Denkverbot ban on free thinking   Read  Read
  Read Naturwein wine free of additives   Read  Read
  Read FPA free from particular average   Read  Read
  Read außerbörslich in the free market   Read  Read
  Read Spielbein free leg   Read  Read
  Read ungebundener Preis free price   Read  Read
  Read unbenommen sein be free   Read  Read
  Read unbenommen bleiben be free   Read  Read
  Read stark angeboten freely offered   Read  Read

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