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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read groß (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read groß greatly   Read  Read
  Read groß (Oktave) great   Read  Read
  Read Großtat great feat   Read  Read
  Read Großmacht Great Power   Read  Read
  Read Großvieh great cattle   Read  Read
  Read Großkreis great circle   Read  Read
  Read Großrusse Great Russian   Read  Read
  Read Großtrappe Great Bustard   Read  Read
  Read Großkreise great circles   Read  Read
  Read Großkreis greater circle   Read  Read
  Read großserbisch Great Serbian   Read  Read
  Read großrussisch Great Russian   Read  Read
  Read Groß-London Greater London   Read  Read
  Read Großbritannien Great Britain   Read  Read
  Read Großtat great achievement   Read  Read
  Read Großkampftag day of a great battle   Read  Read
  Read großes Vermögen great fortune   Read  Read
  Read großes Ereignis great occasion   Read  Read
  Read große Anstrengung great drive   Read  Read
  Read große Dame great lady   Read  Read
  Read Große Menschenaffen great apes   Read  Read
  Read Großer Bär great bear   Read  Read
  Read Große Raubmöwen great skuas   Read  Read
  Read große Kalorien great calories   Read  Read
  Read Großer Knutt Great Knot   Read  Read
  Read Große Seen Great Lakes basin   Read  Read
  Read große Menge great deal of   Read  Read
  Read Groß und Klein great and small   Read  Read
  Read in großer Anzahl in great numbers   Read  Read
  Read von großem Wert of great value   Read  Read
  Read die Großen Seen Great Lakes, the   Read  Read
  Read der Große Bär Great Bear, the   Read  Read
  Read einer der Großen one of the greats   Read  Read
  Read Große Umarmung GBH : great big hug   Read  Read
  Read große Menge Bücher a great many books   Read  Read
  Read im großen Stil leben to live in great style   Read  Read
  Read viel (pron) great (pron)   Read  Read
  Read viel a great deal   Read  Read
  Read viel Geld great deal of money   Read  Read
  Read Größe (n) great (n)   Read  Read
  Read größer greater   Read  Read
  Read größenteils for the greater part   Read  Read
  Read sehr (adv) great (adv)   Read  Read
  Read sehr gefragt in great demand   Read  Read
  Read sehr beliebt of great popularity   Read  Read
  Read sehr begabt of great depth   Read  Read
  Read sehr ausführlich in great detail   Read  Read
  Read sehr ausführlich at great length   Read  Read
  Read sehr (adv) greatly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read hoch (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Hochgenuß great pleasure   Read  Read
  Read Hochgenuss great pleasure   Read  Read
  Read hochgeschätzt greatly valued   Read  Read
  Read hochverdient of great merit   Read  Read
  Read schön (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read bedeutend (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read bedeutender Maler great painter   Read  Read
  Read bedeutende Männer great men   Read  Read
  Read nichts Bedeutendes no great matter   Read  Read
  Read schwer (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read klasse (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read großartig (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Großartig! Great!   Read  Read
  Read großartig greatly   Read  Read
  Read großartig gr8 (great)   Read  Read
  Read great (adj) Great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read stark (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read toll (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read lang (prep) great (prep)   Read  Read
  Read rasch (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read pfundig (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Groß (n) great (n)   Read  Read
  Read prima (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read hervorragend (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
  Read mächtig (adj) great (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read größt greatest   Read  Read
  Read höchlich greatly   Read  Read
  Read höchlichst greatly   Read  Read
  Read d.Gr. the Great   Read  Read
  Read außerordentlich greatly   Read  Read
  Read sauwohl bloody great   Read  Read
  Read Skua Great Skua   Read  Read
  Read Palas great hall   Read  Read
  Read Dogge Great Dane   Read  Read
  Read Pocken great poxs   Read  Read
  Read Kohlmeise Great Tit   Read  Read
  Read Pfundskerl great guy   Read  Read
  Read Prachtkerl great guy   Read  Read
  Read Nandu Greater Rhea   Read  Read
  Read Riesenalke great auks   Read  Read
  Read ungeschlacht hulking great   Read  Read
  Read Mann great spender   Read  Read
  Read Menschenaffe great ape   Read  Read
  Read Hauptwerk great organ   Read  Read
  Read Kassenmagnet great draw   Read  Read
  Read Staatsaktion great fuss   Read  Read
  Read Staatssiegel Great Seal   Read  Read
  Read Person great spender   Read  Read
  Read Wunschtraum great dream   Read  Read
  Read Bergente Greater Scaup   Read  Read
  Read Mehrbedarf greater need   Read  Read
  Read Anadyr-Knutte great knots   Read  Read
  Read Sternstunde great moment   Read  Read
  Read Silbereiher great egrets   Read  Read
  Read Kriegsheld great warrior   Read  Read
  Read Rohrdommel Great Bittern   Read  Read
  Read Mehrzahl greater number   Read  Read
  Read Doppelschnepfe Great Snipe   Read  Read
  Read Zaunwinde great bindweed   Read  Read
  Read Bergenten greater scaups   Read  Read
  Read Magellantaucher Great Grebe   Read  Read
  Read Quadratschädel great bonce   Read  Read
  Read Stimmungskanone great joker   Read  Read
  Read Teilungskreis great circle   Read  Read
  Read Darmnetze greater omenta   Read  Read
  Read Kohlmeise great titmouse   Read  Read
  Read Riesendrossel Great Thrush   Read  Read
  Read wertlos no great cop   Read  Read
  Read Kormoran Great Cormorant   Read  Read
  Read Rostsperling Great Sparrow   Read  Read
  Read in hohem Maße greatly   Read  Read
  Read Rothschildsegler Great Swift   Read  Read
  Read Riesenerfolg great success   Read  Read
  Read Berggimpel Great Rosefinch   Read  Read
  Read Staatsschuldbuch great ledger   Read  Read
  Read Kormoran (great) cormorant   Read  Read
  Read Mohrenkuckuck Greater Coucal   Read  Read
  Read Steppenfalke Greater Kestrel   Read  Read
  Read Fatalität great misfortune   Read  Read
  Read Zahlr. in great number   Read  Read
  Read Höchstmaß greatest measure   Read  Read
  Read Gelegenheit great opportunity   Read  Read
  Read tiefgehend of great draft   Read  Read
  Read Bartkauz Great Grey Owl   Read  Read
  Read Obertrottel silly great clod   Read  Read
  Read Bartkauze great gray owls   Read  Read
  Read Mordsklumpen great big lump   Read  Read
  Read Weißhai great white shark   Read  Read
  Read Rußeule Greater Sooty Owl   Read  Read
  Read ausgabenfreudig a great spender   Read  Read
  Read Rußsegler Great Dusky Swift   Read  Read
  Read Pampaammer Great Pampa Finch   Read  Read
  Read detaillierter in greater detail   Read  Read
  Read Kanadareiher Great Blue Heron   Read  Read
  Read Urubitingas great black hawks   Read  Read
  Read Raubwürger Great Grey Shrike   Read  Read
  Read Schwarzbussard Great Black Hawk   Read  Read
  Read Silberreiher Great White Egret   Read  Read
  Read Riesenturako Great Blue Turaco   Read  Read
  Read Schneekranich Great White Crane   Read  Read
  Read ggT greatest common factor   Read  Read
  Read Silberreiher great white herons   Read  Read
  Read Krabbentriel Great Stone Plover   Read  Read
  Read weitgehend to a great extent   Read  Read
  Read ggT greatest common measure   Read  Read
  Read g.g.T. greatest common factor   Read  Read
  Read Eistaucher Great Northern Diver   Read  Read
  Read befleißen make a great effort   Read  Read
  Read g.g.T. greatest common measure   Read  Read
  Read ggT greatest commones divisor   Read  Read
  Read befleißigen make a great effort   Read  Read
  Read ggT greatest common divisoreses   Read  Read
  Read Kohlmeise Great Tit (Parus major)   Read  Read
  Read Kindernarr great lover of children   Read  Read
  Read Kleiderschrank great hulk of a man   Read  Read
  Read Gros greater part   Read  Read
  Read Riesengalago greater galago   Read  Read
  Read ganze Menge great deal   Read  Read
  Read größte Vorsicht great caution   Read  Read
  Read eifriger Redner great talker   Read  Read
  Read anderthalb Cicero great primer   Read  Read
  Read reiche Partie great catch   Read  Read
  Read imponierendes Fest great feast   Read  Read
  Read wichtiges Problem great issue   Read  Read
  Read Weißer Hai great white shark   Read  Read
  Read geschickt in (in) great at   Read  Read
  Read du liebe Zeit! Great God!   Read  Read
  Read Hauptwerk (von Orgel) great organ   Read  Read
  Read der Tag X the great day   Read  Read
  Read in aller Eile in great haste   Read  Read
  Read Menge Geld great deal of money   Read  Read
  Read Konjunktur haben be in great demand   Read  Read
  Read num oder mehr num or greater   Read  Read
  Read num oder höher num or greater   Read  Read
  Read es weit bringen to achieve great things   Read  Read
  Read in schnellem Tempo at a great pace   Read  Read
  Read in hohem Maß to a great extent   Read  Read

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