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Personal Translator 14 Personal Translator is the efficient translation tool for all your needs: Spot on translations at your convenience.
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Linguatec Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read direkt (adj) direct (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Direktruf direct call   Read  Read
  Read Direktweg direct route   Read  Read
  Read Direktbank direct bank   Read  Read
  Read Direktwahl direct dial   Read  Read
  Read Direktcode direct code   Read  Read
  Read Direktnotiz direct note   Read  Read
  Read Direktwahl direct choice   Read  Read
  Read Direktweg direct process   Read  Read
  Read Direktwahl direct ballot   Read  Read
  Read Direktsprung direct jump   Read  Read
  Read Direktwahl direct voting   Read  Read
  Read Direktaufruf direct call   Read  Read
  Read Direktflug direct flight   Read  Read
  Read Direktschall direct sound   Read  Read
  Read Direktguß direct casting   Read  Read
  Read Direktverkauf direct sale   Read  Read
  Read Direktleitung direct line   Read  Read
  Read Direktbetrieb direct mode   Read  Read
  Read Direktversand direct mail   Read  Read
  Read Direktkopplung direct link   Read  Read
  Read Direkteingabe direct entry   Read  Read
  Read Direktfarbstoff direct dye   Read  Read
  Read Direktsignal direct signal   Read  Read
  Read Direktvertrieb direct sale   Read  Read
  Read Direkteingabe direct input   Read  Read
  Read Direktantrieb direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Direktaktion direct action   Read  Read
  Read Direktwahl direct election   Read  Read
  Read Direktimport direct import   Read  Read
  Read Direktmischer direct mixer   Read  Read
  Read Direktvergabe direct award   Read  Read
  Read Direktfärben direct dyeing   Read  Read
  Read Direktausgabe direct output   Read  Read
  Read Direktfolge direct sequence   Read  Read
  Read Direktflüge direct flights   Read  Read
  Read Direkteinkauf direct buying   Read  Read
  Read Direktruf direct invocation   Read  Read
  Read Direktabsatz direct selling   Read  Read
  Read Direktanschluß direct line   Read  Read
  Read Direktbezug direct purchase   Read  Read
  Read Direkteinstieg direct entry   Read  Read
  Read Direktzugriff direct access   Read  Read
  Read Direktwecken direct timeout   Read  Read
  Read Direktdruck direct printing   Read  Read
  Read Direktschulden direct debts   Read  Read
  Read Direktmandat direct mandate   Read  Read
  Read Direkteinfuhr direct imports   Read  Read
  Read Direktverkehr direct traffic   Read  Read
  Read Direktbelastung direct debit   Read  Read
  Read Direkthandel direct commerce   Read  Read
  Read Direktverbindung direct link   Read  Read
  Read Direkt-Bonden direct bonding   Read  Read
  Read Direktsteuerung direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Direktoperand direct operand   Read  Read
  Read Direktanzeige direct reading   Read  Read
  Read Direktadresse direct address   Read  Read
  Read Direktverkauf direct selling   Read  Read
  Read Direktversand direct mailing   Read  Read
  Read Direktänderung direct update   Read  Read
  Read Direktmailings direct mailing   Read  Read
  Read Direktpositiv direct positive   Read  Read
  Read Direktaufnahme direct process   Read  Read
  Read Direktvertrieb direct selling   Read  Read
  Read Direktschuldner direct debtor   Read  Read
  Read Direktabsatz direct marketing   Read  Read
  Read Direktbezug direct purchasing   Read  Read
  Read Direktablesung direct reading   Read  Read
  Read Direktverfahren direct method   Read  Read
  Read Direktbeladung direct loading   Read  Read
  Read Direktversand direct shipment   Read  Read
  Read AMX-Direktweg AMX direct path   Read  Read
  Read Direktruftaste direct call key   Read  Read
  Read Direktfernruf direct trunk call   Read  Read
  Read lenken (v) direct (v)   Read  Read
  Read lenkend directing   Read  Read
  Read geradewegs (adv) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read unmittelbar (adj) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read schnurstracks (adv) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read zuwiderlaufen (v) go directly (v)   Read  Read
  Read durchwählen (v) dial directly (v)   Read  Read
  Read geradezu (adv) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read direkt (adj) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read alsbald (adv) directly (adv)   Read  Read
  Read regeln (v) direct (v)   Read  Read
  Read gerade (adj) direct (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read leiten direct   Read  Read
  Read führen direct   Read  Read
  Read richten direct   Read  Read
  Read wenden directed   Read  Read
  Read anordnen direct   Read  Read
  Read gelten directed   Read  Read
  Read anweisen direct   Read  Read
  Read mitteilen direct   Read  Read
  Read stufenlos direct   Read  Read
  Read leitend directing   Read  Read
  Read dirigieren direct   Read  Read
  Read unmittelbar direct   Read  Read
  Read gerichtet directed   Read  Read
  Read durchgehend direct   Read  Read
  Read DK direct link   Read  Read
  Read inszenatorisch directing   Read  Read
  Read Pfeil directed arc   Read  Read
  Read kP direct headcount   Read  Read
  Read Regie führen direct   Read  Read
  Read Kurzweg direct route   Read  Read
  Read Erstweg direct route   Read  Read
  Read Antrieb direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Bodenzelle direct ray   Read  Read
  Read leiten (Musik) direct   Read  Read
  Read Dehnung direct strain   Read  Read
  Read Zugabe direct premium   Read  Read
  Read Volltreffer direct hit   Read  Read
  Read Vorwahl direct primary   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle direct wave   Read  Read
  Read Bodenwelle direct wave   Read  Read
  Read Bankeinzug direct debit   Read  Read
  Read Querleitung direct route   Read  Read
  Read Originalton direct sound   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct dialing   Read  Read
  Read Einzelkosten direct cost   Read  Read
  Read Achsantrieb direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Ansteuerung direct drive   Read  Read
  Read durchwählen dial direct   Read  Read
  Read Lastschrift direct debit   Read  Read
  Read Selbstzahler direct payer   Read  Read
  Read Selbstwahl direct dialing   Read  Read
  Read Einzelkosten direct costs   Read  Read
  Read Kokillenguß Direct chill   Read  Read
  Read Luftlinie direct distance   Read  Read
  Read Aussteuerung direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct dialling   Read  Read
  Read Abbuchung direct debiting   Read  Read
  Read Eigenexport direct export   Read  Read
  Read Mengenkurs direct exchange   Read  Read
  Read Gleichstrom direct current   Read  Read
  Read Steuerungstaste MMS Direct   Read  Read
  Read Primärschall direct sound   Read  Read
  Read Einzelantrieb direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Volkswahl direct elections   Read  Read
  Read Erdverlegung direct burial   Read  Read
  Read Postwurfsendung direct mail   Read  Read
  Read Verrechnung direct charging   Read  Read
  Read Vollgiro direct endorsement   Read  Read
  Read Vollgiro direct indorsement   Read  Read
  Read Kopfzahlen direct headcount   Read  Read
  Read Richtungssuche directed scan   Read  Read
  Read Schätzung direct estimation   Read  Read
  Read Analogrechner Direct analogs   Read  Read
  Read Normalspannung direct stress   Read  Read
  Read Domänenbesitz direct domain   Read  Read
  Read datengesteuert data directed   Read  Read
  Read Anrufbetrieb direct trunking   Read  Read
  Read Fertigungslohn direct labour   Read  Read
  Read Frequenzumtastung direct FSK   Read  Read
  Read listengesteuert list directed   Read  Read
  Read formatgesteuert edit directed   Read  Read
  Read Tunneleffekt direct tunneling   Read  Read
  Read Gleichströme direct currents   Read  Read
  Read Gleichspannung direct voltage   Read  Read
  Read Einzugsverfahren direct debit   Read  Read
  Read Vorzugsleitung direct circuit   Read  Read
  Read Achsmotorantrieb direct drive   Read  Read
  Read Gleichspannung direct current   Read  Read
  Read DD direct data saving   Read  Read
  Read DDI direct dialling in   Read  Read
  Read DDV direct data circuit   Read  Read
  Read DSZ direct memory access   Read  Read
  Read VDC Volts Direct Current   Read  Read
  Read DMA direct memory access   Read  Read
  Read DRDRAM Direct Rambus DRAM   Read  Read
  Read Querader direct wire link   Read  Read
  Read DUWA direct inward dialing   Read  Read
  Read VDC direct current voltage   Read  Read
  Read VKD Sales Channels, Direct   Read  Read
  Read DCI direct current inverter   Read  Read
  Read DR direct station selection   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwahl direct dial number   Read  Read
  Read DNC direct numerical control   Read  Read
  Read DCC direct current converter   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct dialling in   Read  Read
  Read Einzugsart direct debit type   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct dial number   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct inward dial   Read  Read
  Read Suche Direct search technique   Read  Read
  Read DCIRA direct current inverter   Read  Read
  Read Neurit directed neurite growth   Read  Read
  Read Normzeit direct labor standard   Read  Read
  Read Einzugsliste direct debit list   Read  Read
  Read Rambus-DRAM Direct Rambus DRAM   Read  Read
  Read Kokillenguß Direct chill cast   Read  Read
  Read Basiskosten basic direct costs   Read  Read
  Read Wasserguss direct chill casting   Read  Read
  Read Strangguss direct chill casting   Read  Read
  Read Durchwahl direct inward dialing   Read  Read
  Read Kennaspekt direct access aspect   Read  Read
  Read Normzeit direct labour standard   Read  Read
  Read DNS Direct numerical simulation   Read  Read
  Read die Regie führen (bei) direct   Read  Read
  Read DISA direct inward system access   Read  Read
  Read DIRT direct station selection key   Read  Read

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