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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
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  Read AN (n) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read NZ (n f) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read ein (pron) an (pron)   Read  Read
  Read Bauch (n m) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Säurezahl (n f) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Säurewert (n f) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Säuregrad (n f) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wellenbauch (n m) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read ANS (n) ANS (n)   Read  Read
  Read Schwingungsbauch (n m) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read melden (v) ANS (v)   Read  Read
  Read Neutralisationszahl (n f) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Anlagen-Engineering (n) AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read TOG/AN (n) TOG/AN (n)   Read  Read
  Read stündlich (adj) an hour (adj)   Read  Read
  Read vertraut (adj) an entrusts (adj)   Read  Read
  Read AN-Mitteilung (n) AN Notice (n)   Read  Read
  Read beheben (v) put an end (v)   Read  Read
  Read endigen (v) come an end (v)   Read  Read
  Read AN-Leitung (n) AN Management (n)   Read  Read
  Read schräg (adj) at an angle (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read erahnen give an idea   Read  Read
  Read ANS-Markierung ANS flagging   Read  Read
  Read AN-Rundschreiben AN Circular   Read  Read
  Read verstehen be an expert   Read  Read
  Read mühsam with an effort   Read  Read
  Read Advanced Network Services ANS   Read  Read
  Read einwirken have an effect   Read  Read
  Read Tongenerator und Ansagen TOG/AN   Read  Read
  Read anfragen make an enquiry   Read  Read
  Read anstrengen make an effort   Read  Read
  Read bestellen appoint an agent   Read  Read
  Read anfragen make an inquiry   Read  Read
  Read freveln commit an outrage   Read  Read
  Read verwaisen become an orphan   Read  Read
  Read verwaist becomes an orphan   Read  Read
  Read endungslos without an ending   Read  Read
  Read einigen reach an agreement   Read  Read
  Read wirken make an impression   Read  Read
  Read spritzen give an injection   Read  Read
  Read dialektfrei without an accent   Read  Read
  Read ausnehmen make an exception   Read  Read
  Read sachverständig like an expert   Read  Read
  Read Auftragsannahme taking an order   Read  Read
  Read abschließen close an account   Read  Read
  Read intrigieren make an intrigue   Read  Read
  Read bevorschussen make an advance   Read  Read
  Read Bogen curve of an arch   Read  Read
  Read X-Naht bevelled with an X   Read  Read
  Read Optionserwerb buying an option   Read  Read
  Read operieren have an operation   Read  Read
  Read beenden bring to an end   Read  Read
  Read durchschnittlich on an average   Read  Read
  Read frevelnd committing an outrage   Read  Read
  Read daumenbreit an inch across   Read  Read
  Read aufhören come to an end   Read  Read
  Read durchschnittlich at an average   Read  Read
  Read nudelsatt full as an egg   Read  Read
  Read abstellen bring to an end   Read  Read
  Read erlöschen come to an end   Read  Read
  Read Kontosperre stopping an account   Read  Read
  Read unfallfrei without an accident   Read  Read
  Read untergehen come to an end   Read  Read
  Read lawinenartig like an avalanche   Read  Read
  Read einprägen make an impression   Read  Read
  Read mitbestimmen have an influence   Read  Read
  Read bärenstark strong as an ox   Read  Read
  Read Bogensehne chord of an arc   Read  Read
  Read alternativ as an alternative   Read  Read
  Read Zeitenwende turn of an era   Read  Read
  Read versuchsweise as an experiment   Read  Read
  Read derart to such an extent   Read  Read
  Read aalglatt slippery as an eel   Read  Read
  Read eineinhalb one an a half   Read  Read
  Read ersatzweise as an alternative   Read  Read
  Read Eidbruch breach of an oath   Read  Read
  Read dreinblicken wear an expression   Read  Read
  Read ändern to adjust an entry   Read  Read
  Read autodidaktisch as an autodidact   Read  Read
  Read Optant taker of an option   Read  Read
  Read Eidesformel text of an oath   Read  Read
  Read Bogenhöhe pitch of an arch   Read  Read
  Read stockbesoffen full as an egg   Read  Read
  Read Altarstufe step of an altar   Read  Read
  Read überwachen keep an eye on   Read  Read
  Read Gesetzestitel title of an act   Read  Read
  Read Apfelstiel stem of an apple   Read  Read
  Read Maul mouth (of an animal)   Read  Read
  Read aalglatt slippery (as an eel)   Read  Read
  Read Symbolgröße size of an icon   Read  Read
  Read dermaßen to such an extent   Read  Read
  Read Eidbruch violation of an oath   Read  Read
  Read Saldieren balancing an account   Read  Read
  Read einsetzen to appoint an agent   Read  Read
  Read Klagegrund gist of an action   Read  Read
  Read greisenhaft like an old man   Read  Read
  Read Ambossstock stock of an anvil   Read  Read
  Read kontrollieren keep an eye on   Read  Read
  Read Zeitdokument document of an age   Read  Read
  Read dergestalt to such an extent   Read  Read
  Read Feindbild concept of an enemy   Read  Read
  Read entscheiden bring to an issue   Read  Read
  Read Achswiderstand shunt of an axle   Read  Read
  Read vorwärmen look for an excuse   Read  Read
  Read Winkelmaß measure of an angle   Read  Read
  Read ersteigern buy at an auction   Read  Read
  Read Engelsfigur figure of an angel   Read  Read
  Read frühzeitig at an early age   Read  Read
  Read Klagerubrum title of an action   Read  Read
  Read spaßig in an amusing way   Read  Read
  Read Eidesformel formulary of an oath   Read  Read
  Read Klageweg by entering an action   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerursache cause of an error   Read  Read
  Read Viertelstunde quarter of an hour   Read  Read
  Read Tierhalter keeper of an animal   Read  Read
  Read Prozesskosten cost of an action   Read  Read
  Read Ordensmeister master of an order   Read  Read
  Read Gutsbesitzer owner of an estate   Read  Read
  Read Objektverkauf sale of an object   Read  Read
  Read Optionsgeber giver of an option   Read  Read
  Read fehlerbedingt caused by an error   Read  Read
  Read halbstündig lasting half an hour   Read  Read
  Read Atomspaltung splitting of an atom   Read  Read
  Read Organspende donation of an organ   Read  Read
  Read solchermaßen to such an extent   Read  Read
  Read Unfallort site of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Erbenhaftung liability of an heir   Read  Read
  Read Kontostand state of an account   Read  Read
  Read versteigern to hold an auction   Read  Read
  Read Ablageort location of an object   Read  Read
  Read Bahnelemente elements of an orbit   Read  Read
  Read Aufsatzthema subject for an essay   Read  Read
  Read Behördenchef chief of an agency   Read  Read
  Read spaßhaft in an amusing way   Read  Read
  Read Unfallort scene of an accident   Read  Read
  Read erklären give an account of   Read  Read
  Read greisenhaft like an old woman   Read  Read
  Read überfragt stumped for an answer   Read  Read
  Read Vermögensmasse bulk of an estate   Read  Read
  Read armdick as thick as an arm   Read  Read
  Read Kontoinhaber owner of an account   Read  Read
  Read Mitglied member (of an account)   Read  Read
  Read abstimmen come to an agreement   Read  Read
  Read Beweislücke gap in an argument   Read  Read
  Read Kontosperre freeze of an account   Read  Read
  Read kontieren allocate to an account   Read  Read
  Read Behördenleiter head of an agency   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerumgebung context of an error   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheerlös proceeds of an issue   Read  Read
  Read frühzeitig at an early stage   Read  Read
  Read Kontostand position of an account   Read  Read
  Read gesternt marked with an asterisk   Read  Read
  Read ultimativ given as an ultimatum   Read  Read
  Read Erbantritt succession to an estate   Read  Read
  Read Kontoinhaber holder of an account   Read  Read
  Read Unfallstelle site of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Erbbeteiligter sharer in an estate   Read  Read
  Read unmännlich in an unmanly way   Read  Read
  Read Lehrjahr year as an apprentice   Read  Read
  Read Seuchenherd center of an epidemic   Read  Read
  Read Unfallopfer victim of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Seuchenherd centre of an epidemic   Read  Read
  Read Rechnungsposten item of an invoice   Read  Read
  Read Unfallstelle scene of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Unfallfolge result of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Flugzeugrumpf body of an airplane   Read  Read
  Read Unglücksort scene of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Messeturm tower at an exhibition   Read  Read
  Read Mehrgebot advance of an offer   Read  Read
  Read Lehrherr master of an apprentice   Read  Read
  Read Unfallschuld blame for an accident   Read  Read
  Read proppenvoll as full as an egg   Read  Read
  Read Unfallursache cause of an accident   Read  Read
  Read Saldo balance of an account   Read  Read
  Read verständigen come to an agreement   Read  Read
  Read aalglatt as slippery as an eel   Read  Read
  Read Dezernent head of an institution   Read  Read
  Read Vertragsdauer life of an agreement   Read  Read
  Read ungegessen on an empty stomach   Read  Read
  Read elitär in an elitist fashion   Read  Read
  Read normalerweise in an ordinary way   Read  Read
  Read Betriebsform form of an enterprise   Read  Read
  Read Hypozentrum focus of an earthquake   Read  Read
  Read Dezernentin head of an institution   Read  Read
  Read paritätisch on an equal footing   Read  Read
  Read arrangieren come to an arrangement   Read  Read
  Read bewilligen to allow an application   Read  Read
  Read genehmigen to allow an application   Read  Read
  Read halbwild in an uncivilized way   Read  Read
  Read halbwild in an uncivilised way   Read  Read
  Read Insulaner inhabitant of an island   Read  Read
  Read Amtsinhaber occupant of an office   Read  Read
  Read eidesstattlich in lieu of an oath   Read  Read
  Read ungehörig in an unseemly manner   Read  Read
  Read armamputiert with an arm amputated   Read  Read
  Read begutachten pass an expert opinion   Read  Read
  Read Bohrturm derrick of an oil well   Read  Read
  Read ölfeucht covered with an oil film   Read  Read
  Read bigott in an overly pious way   Read  Read
  Read BSIC-NCELL BSIC of an adjacent cell   Read  Read
  Read gutachten act as an expert witness   Read  Read
  Read ACE-RXE ACE-RX in an expansion rack   Read  Read
  Read liebestrunken in an ecstasy of love   Read  Read
  Read Ausflugsort place to go for an outing   Read  Read
  Read SA latest start time of an activity   Read  Read
  Read SE latest finish time of an activity   Read  Read

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