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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Dienst (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Gottesdienst service   Read  Read
  Read Kundendienst service   Read  Read
  Read Fernsprechdienst service   Read  Read
  Read In-Dienst IN service   Read  Read
  Read TB-Dienst TB service   Read  Read
  Read SCN-Dienst SCN service   Read  Read
  Read VPN-Dienst VPN service   Read  Read
  Read PAD-Dienst PAD service   Read  Read
  Read Web-Dienst Web service   Read  Read
  Read RPC-Dienst RPC service   Read  Read
  Read Hub-Dienst hub service   Read  Read
  Read Flugdienst air service   Read  Read
  Read MAC-Dienst MAC service   Read  Read
  Read Fax-Dienst fax service   Read  Read
  Read VBR-Dienst VBR service   Read  Read
  Read Dienst-PC service PC   Read  Read
  Read Zeitdienst time service   Read  Read
  Read Postdienst mail service   Read  Read
  Read Landdienst land service   Read  Read
  Read Seedienst naval service   Read  Read
  Read Fahrdienst ferry service   Read  Read
  Read Profildienst SDI service   Read  Read
  Read Fahrdienst train service   Read  Read
  Read KEP-Dienst CEP services   Read  Read
  Read Datendienst data service   Read  Read
  Read ADSL-Dienst ADSL service   Read  Read
  Read Messedienst fair service   Read  Read
  Read Funkdienst radio service   Read  Read
  Read ISDN-Dienst ISDN service   Read  Read
  Read Busdienste bus services   Read  Read
  Read Abholdienst taxi service   Read  Read
  Read SNMP-Dienst SNMP service   Read  Read
  Read Kriegsdienst war service   Read  Read
  Read Materndienst mat service   Read  Read
  Read Bodendienst base service   Read  Read
  Read Ablagedienst file service   Read  Read
  Read Telexdienst telex service   Read  Read
  Read WAP-Dienste WAP services   Read  Read
  Read Felddienst active service   Read  Read
  Read Bilddienst visual service   Read  Read
  Read Kioskdienst kiosk service   Read  Read
  Read Knotendienst node service   Read  Read
  Read HSM-Dienste HSM services   Read  Read
  Read Frontdienst field service   Read  Read
  Read Nebendienst extra service   Read  Read
  Read Grunddienst basic service   Read  Read
  Read Pressedienst news service   Read  Read
  Read IuK-Dienste I&C services   Read  Read
  Read Zimmerdienst room service   Read  Read
  Read Postdienst postal service   Read  Read
  Read CBR-Dienste CBR services   Read  Read
  Read Datexdienst datex service   Read  Read
  Read Videodienst video service   Read  Read
  Read Hub-Dienste hub services   Read  Read
  Read Basisdienst basic service   Read  Read
  Read Nachtdienst night service   Read  Read
  Read Inlandsdienst home service   Read  Read
  Read Innendienst indoor service   Read  Read
  Read Delta-Dienst delta service   Read  Read
  Read Inseldienst island service   Read  Read
  Read Sprachdienst voice service   Read  Read
  Read Netzdienst network service   Read  Read
  Read Staatsdienst state service   Read  Read
  Read Warndienst alerter service   Read  Read
  Read Weckdienst wake-up service   Read  Read
  Read Warndienst warning service   Read  Read
  Read Staatsdienst civil service   Read  Read
  Read Anleihedienst loan service   Read  Read
  Read LANE-Dienst LANE services   Read  Read
  Read Gegendienst return service   Read  Read
  Read Bürodienst office service   Read  Read
  Read Kundendienst field service   Read  Read
  Read Seedienst maritime service   Read  Read
  Read Suchdienst tracing service   Read  Read
  Read Paketdienst packet service   Read  Read
  Read Paketdienst parcel service   Read  Read
  Read Datel-Dienst Datel service   Read  Read
  Read Briefdienst letter service   Read  Read
  Read Notdienst skeleton service   Read  Read
  Read Mobildienst mobile service   Read  Read
  Read Lotsendienst pilot service   Read  Read
  Read Zolldienst customs service   Read  Read
  Read Frontdienst active service   Read  Read
  Read Pressedienst press service   Read  Read
  Read Frachtdienst cargo service   Read  Read
  Read Forstdienst forest service   Read  Read
  Read Außendienst field service   Read  Read
  Read Notdienst emergency service   Read  Read
  Read Staatsdienst public service   Read  Read
  Read Gottesdienst church service   Read  Read
  Read Gottesdienst divine service   Read  Read
  Read Geleitdienst convoy service   Read  Read
  Read Geheimdienst secret service   Read  Read
  Read DPMI-Dienste DPMI services   Read  Read
  Read Kundendienst repair service   Read  Read
  Read Telefondienst phone service   Read  Read
  Read Schuldendienst debt service   Read  Read
  Read Bestelldienst order service   Read  Read
  Read Abholdienst pick-up service   Read  Read
  Read Wehrdienst national service   Read  Read
  Read Wehrdienst military service   Read  Read
  Read Tickerdienst ticker service   Read  Read
  Read Wachdienst security service   Read  Read
  Read Botendienst courier service   Read  Read
  Read Ritterdienst knight service   Read  Read
  Read Winterdienst winter service   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitsdienst labor service   Read  Read
  Read Funkdienst wireless service   Read  Read
  Read Verteilerdienst hub service   Read  Read
  Read Domaindienst domain service   Read  Read
  Read Patentdienst patent service   Read  Read
  Read Standortdienst site service   Read  Read
  Read Wetterdienst weather service   Read  Read
  Read Status-Dienst status service   Read  Read
  Read Standarddienst basic service   Read  Read
  Read Druckdienste print services   Read  Read
  Read Trägerdienst bearer service   Read  Read
  Read Kurierdienst courier service   Read  Read
  Read Polizeidienst police service   Read  Read
  Read Basisdienst standard service   Read  Read
  Read Sonderdienst special service   Read  Read
  Read Partydienst catering service   Read  Read
  Read Telematikdienst data service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstzeit service life   Read  Read
  Read Geländedienst field service   Read  Read
  Read Grunddienst standard service   Read  Read
  Read Anlagendienst system service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstmütze service cap   Read  Read
  Read Basisdienste basic services   Read  Read
  Read Börsendienst broker service   Read  Read
  Read Schlüsseldienst key service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstgrad service rank   Read  Read
  Read Telexdienste telex services   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitsdienst labour service   Read  Read
  Read Bürodienst clerical service   Read  Read
  Read Außendienst outdoor service   Read  Read
  Read Bilderdienst picture service   Read  Read
  Read Server-Dienst Server service   Read  Read
  Read Zugabedienst premium service   Read  Read
  Read Liniendienst regular service   Read  Read
  Read Netrun-Dienst netrun service   Read  Read
  Read Archivdienst archive service   Read  Read
  Read Kriegsdienst military service   Read  Read
  Read Waffendienst military service   Read  Read
  Read Bündeldienst trunked service   Read  Read
  Read Schnelldienst express service   Read  Read
  Read Feldgottesdienst camp service   Read  Read
  Read Justizdienst judicial service   Read  Read
  Read Botendienst messenger service   Read  Read
  Read Rettungsdienst rescue service   Read  Read
  Read Abrufdienst retrieval service   Read  Read
  Read Charterdienst charter service   Read  Read
  Read Handelsdienst Trading Service   Read  Read
  Read Online-Dienst on-line service   Read  Read
  Read Reisedienste travel services   Read  Read
  Read Suchdienste tracing services   Read  Read
  Read Hilfsdienst auxiliary service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstmarke service mark   Read  Read
  Read Hilfsdienst emergency service   Read  Read
  Read Hilfsdienst first-aid service   Read  Read
  Read Parkdienste parking services   Read  Read
  Read Zivildienst community service   Read  Read
  Read Signaldienst signal services   Read  Read
  Read Zeitgeberdienst timer service   Read  Read
  Read Spionagedienst secret service   Read  Read
  Read Teilnehmerdienst user service   Read  Read
  Read Notdienst emergency services   Read  Read
  Read Kundendienst customer service   Read  Read
  Read Minimaldienst minimum service   Read  Read
  Read Sperrdienste barring services   Read  Read
  Read Dienstedaten service data   Read  Read
  Read Systemdienste system services   Read  Read
  Read Schuldendienste debt services   Read  Read
  Read Dienstplatte service disk   Read  Read
  Read Winterdienste winter services   Read  Read
  Read Namensdienste: names services   Read  Read
  Read Dienstbereich service area   Read  Read
  Read Service (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Services/36 Services/36   Read  Read
  Read Services/PC Services/PC   Read  Read
  Read Services/400 Services/400   Read  Read
  Read Teeservice tea service   Read  Read
  Read APS-Service APS service   Read  Read
  Read EDV-Service EDP service   Read  Read
  Read EDI-Service EDI Service   Read  Read
  Read Fileservice file service   Read  Read
  Read Portservice port service   Read  Read
  Read AV-Services AV services   Read  Read
  Read BIND-Service BIND service   Read  Read
  Read Datenservice data service   Read  Read
  Read 24/7-Service 24/7 service   Read  Read
  Read Essensservice food service   Read  Read
  Read Netzservice link services   Read  Read
  Read Ablageservice file service   Read  Read
  Read Reifenservice tyre service   Read  Read
  Read Teleservice remote service   Read  Read
  Read Partyservice party service   Read  Read
  Read Hotelservice hotel service   Read  Read
  Read Knotenservice node service   Read  Read
  Read Zimmerservice room service   Read  Read
  Read Maskenservice mask service   Read  Read
  Read Portservice port services   Read  Read
  Read Ladeservice loading service   Read  Read
  Read Büroservice office service   Read  Read
  Read Druck-Service print service   Read  Read
  Read Knotenservice node services   Read  Read
  Read Kern-Services Core Services   Read  Read
  Read Telefonservice phone service   Read  Read
  Read VSAT-Services VSAT services   Read  Read
  Read Serviceart service type   Read  Read
  Read Kaffeeservice coffee service   Read  Read
  Read Systemservice system service   Read  Read
  Read Benutzerservice user service   Read  Read
  Read Service-Qualität QoS service   Read  Read
  Read Servicename service name   Read  Read
  Read Bearer-Service bearer service   Read  Read
  Read Anlagen-Service plant service   Read  Read
  Read Forstservice forestry service   Read  Read
  Read Umzugsservice removal service   Read  Read
  Read Geschenkeservice gift service   Read  Read
  Read update-Service update service   Read  Read
  Read Bremsen-Service brake service   Read  Read
  Read Wetterservice weather service   Read  Read
  Read Servicegebühr service fee   Read  Read
  Read Service-Wagen service cart   Read  Read
  Read Servicegrad service level   Read  Read
  Read Leistung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Dientleistung service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstleistung service   Read  Read
  Read Dienstleistungen services   Read  Read
  Read Clubleistung club service   Read  Read
  Read Betrieb (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Tagbetrieb day service   Read  Read
  Read Fahrbetrieb ferry service   Read  Read
  Read Fährbetrieb ferry service   Read  Read
  Read Nachtbetrieb night service   Read  Read
  Read Regelbetrieb normal service   Read  Read
  Read Verbindung (n f) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Busverbindung bus service   Read  Read
  Read Zugverbindung train service   Read  Read
  Read Bahnverbindung train service   Read  Read
  Read Bedienung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Selbstbedienung self service   Read  Read
  Read Bedienung service charge   Read  Read
  Read Wehr (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Feuerwehr Fire Service   Read  Read
  Read Wehrsold service pay   Read  Read
  Read Einsatz (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Normaleinsatz normal service   Read  Read
  Read Zustellung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Postzustellung mail service   Read  Read
  Read Postzustellung postal service   Read  Read
  Read DL (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read DL service category   Read  Read
  Read Aufschlag (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Aufschlagball service   Read  Read
  Read Wartung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wartungscode service code   Read  Read
  Read Anwendung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read bedienen (v) service (v)   Read  Read
  Read Verdienst (n m) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Aufgabe (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read versorgen (v) service (v)   Read  Read
  Read abwickeln (v) service (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) service (v)   Read  Read
  Read Angabe (n) service (n)   Read  Read
  Read Einrichtung (n) service (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Abfertigung service   Read  Read
  Read Hausanschluß service   Read  Read
  Read Hausanschluss service   Read  Read
  Read Schnellberatung service   Read  Read
  Read gewartet serviced   Read  Read
  Read bearbeitet serviced   Read  Read
  Read Bundesheer services   Read  Read
  Read Raststätte services   Read  Read
  Read Hausanschlüsse services   Read  Read
  Read BIND BIND service   Read  Read
  Read CS Core Services   Read  Read
  Read SHS shared service   Read  Read
  Read ALD system service   Read  Read
  Read TFS telefax service   Read  Read
  Read TPS tele-PC service   Read  Read
  Read TTS teletex service   Read  Read
  Read ES end-user service   Read  Read
  Read KD customer service   Read  Read
  Read RUAD repair service   Read  Read
  Read SU service unit   Read  Read
  Read KB temporary service   Read  Read
  Read RBS ringback service   Read  Read
  Read UDTS Unitdata Service   Read  Read
  Read SVW service word   Read  Read
  Read FS Functional Service   Read  Read
  Read PKZ service code   Read  Read
  Read E-Mail e-mail service   Read  Read
  Read Btx videotext service   Read  Read
  Read FPH freephone service   Read  Read
  Read SA service alarm   Read  Read
  Read DK three-party service   Read  Read
  Read FS Financial Services   Read  Read
  Read Busverkehr bus service   Read  Read
  Read Netzzugang link service   Read  Read
  Read SVL service lines   Read  Read
  Read Support support service   Read  Read
  Read verdingen enter service   Read  Read
  Read Telefax telefax service   Read  Read
  Read Teegeschirr tea service   Read  Read
  Read Luftverkehr air service   Read  Read
  Read Wagenpflege car service   Read  Read
  Read Messeserive fair service   Read  Read
  Read Stückgut parcel service   Read  Read
  Read Tarif tariffed services   Read  Read
  Read Nahverkehr local service   Read  Read
  Read Fährlinie ferry service   Read  Read
  Read Pannenhilfe road service   Read  Read
  Read Zugverkehr train service   Read  Read
  Read Meldebit service bit   Read  Read
  Read Beamtentum civil service   Read  Read
  Read erbieten offer services   Read  Read
  Read SHB service manual   Read  Read
  Read Linienbus service bus   Read  Read
  Read Rasthof service area   Read  Read
  Read Lkw-Verkehr truck service   Read  Read
  Read GS-Einstellung GS service   Read  Read
  Read Gasversorgung gas service   Read  Read
  Read Schöffenamt jury service   Read  Read
  Read SCT service center   Read  Read
  Read Teegeschirr tea services   Read  Read
  Read Streitkraft armed service   Read  Read
  Read Sitte service usage   Read  Read
  Read Nutzlast service load   Read  Read
  Read Omnibusverkehr bus service   Read  Read
  Read anerbieten offer services   Read  Read
  Read Endnutzer end-user service   Read  Read
  Read Bauzug service train   Read  Read
  Read Grenzschutz border service   Read  Read
  Read Trauerfeier burial service   Read  Read
  Read Laufzeit service life   Read  Read
  Read Fernbahn main-line service   Read  Read
  Read Zugverkehr railway service   Read  Read
  Read SE service element   Read  Read
  Read Beamtenstand civil service   Read  Read
  Read Rasthaus service area   Read  Read
  Read Hinweisgabe notice service   Read  Read
  Read Direktruf hot-line service   Read  Read
  Read Messbuch service book   Read  Read
  Read Wäscherei laundry service   Read  Read
  Read Grabrede committal service   Read  Read
  Read Kurierwesen courier service   Read  Read
  Read Trauerfeier funeral service   Read  Read
  Read Telefonie telephony service   Read  Read
  Read DIU-Einstellung DIU service   Read  Read
  Read Lesegebühr service fee   Read  Read
  Read Waggonliegegeld car service   Read  Read
  Read Linienverkehr liner service   Read  Read
  Read Beamtenschaft civil service   Read  Read
  Read Reiseverkehr travel service   Read  Read
  Read Beratung Consulting service   Read  Read
  Read Raumpflege domestic service   Read  Read
  Read N-Gleis service track   Read  Read
  Read Frachtverkehr goods service   Read  Read
  Read Meldewort service word   Read  Read
  Read Autohilfe breakdown service   Read  Read
  Read Bedientür service door   Read  Read
  Read Straßenwacht patrol service   Read  Read
  Read Dialogvorgang dialog service   Read  Read
  Read Gesangbuch service book   Read  Read
  Read Abzweigmuffe service box   Read  Read
  Read Grenzschutz frontier service   Read  Read
  Read Abendandacht evening service   Read  Read
  Read tot out of service   Read  Read
  Read Tafelgeschirr dinner service   Read  Read
  Read Ersatzteil service item   Read  Read
  Read Rechenzentrum bureau service   Read  Read
  Read Rettungswesen rescue service   Read  Read
  Read Nachtschaltung night service   Read  Read
  Read Nachziehen follow-me service   Read  Read
  Read Lippenbekenntnis lip service   Read  Read
  Read Online-System online service   Read  Read
  Read Tafelbesteck cutlery service   Read  Read
  Read Christmette Midnight Service   Read  Read
  Read City-Ruf Euromessage service   Read  Read
  Read ST service terminal   Read  Read
  Read BT service terminal   Read  Read
  Read BTT service terminal   Read  Read
  Read Schienenverkehr train service   Read  Read
  Read Lebensdauer service life   Read  Read
  Read Gartenpflege garden services   Read  Read
  Read Touristenklasse coach service   Read  Read
  Read Linienverkehr regular service   Read  Read
  Read Gedenkstunde memorial service   Read  Read
  Read Sendegebiet service area   Read  Read
  Read Tafelbesteck flatware service   Read  Read
  Read TCS telecommunication service   Read  Read
  Read Fernmeldewesen signal service   Read  Read
  Read Katalogpflege catalog service   Read  Read
  Read Pannenhilfe breakdown service   Read  Read
  Read Raststätte service area   Read  Read
  Read Frachtverkehr freight service   Read  Read
  Read Fortschreibung change service   Read  Read
  Read Streitkräfte armed services   Read  Read
  Read Hörfunk broadcasting service   Read  Read
  Read Morgenandacht morning service   Read  Read
  Read Analytik analytical services   Read  Read
  Read Pendelverkehr shuttle service   Read  Read
  Read ES End User Service   Read  Read
  Read SE service equipment   Read  Read
  Read Speiseaufzug service lift   Read  Read
  Read DW change of service   Read  Read
  Read Zustellgebühr service fee   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereich service area   Read  Read
  Read Haustechnik building services   Read  Read
  Read SI service indicator   Read  Read
  Read Rettungswesen rescue services   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitszug service train   Read  Read
  Read Lastenaufzug service lift   Read  Read
  Read Dosimetrie dosimetry services   Read  Read
  Read COS class of service   Read  Read
  Read Ebereschen service trees   Read  Read
  Read Bedienfeld service panel   Read  Read
  Read Nutzungszeit service life   Read  Read
  Read Nutz-Gleis service track   Read  Read
  Read DoS Denial of Service   Read  Read
  Read Speisenaufzug service lift   Read  Read
  Read Durchreiche service hatch   Read  Read

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