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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Kind (n) child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Bauernkind farm child   Read  Read
  Read Kleinkind little child   Read  Read
  Read Pflegekind nurse child   Read  Read
  Read Schulkind school child   Read  Read
  Read Spielkind nursery child   Read  Read
  Read Bettelkind pauper child   Read  Read
  Read Wunderkind wonder child   Read  Read
  Read Gassenkind gutter child   Read  Read
  Read Blumenkind flower child   Read  Read
  Read Schoßkind spoilt child   Read  Read
  Read Christkind Christ Child   Read  Read
  Read Königskind royal child   Read  Read
  Read Waisenkind orphan child   Read  Read
  Read Pflegekind foster child   Read  Read
  Read Wunschkind planned child   Read  Read
  Read Sorgenkind problem child   Read  Read
  Read Waisenkind charity child   Read  Read
  Read Sonntagskind sunday child   Read  Read
  Read Problemkind problem child   Read  Read
  Read Vorzeigekind poster child   Read  Read
  Read Adoptivkind adopted child   Read  Read
  Read Heimkind institution child   Read  Read
  Read Kindersitz child seat   Read  Read
  Read Kinderstar child star   Read  Read
  Read Kinderporno child porn   Read  Read
  Read Kinderrolle child part   Read  Read
  Read Sonntagskind Sunday's child   Read  Read
  Read Kinderpflege child care   Read  Read
  Read Schwesterkind sister's child   Read  Read
  Read Schlüsselkind latchkey child   Read  Read
  Read Flaschenkind bottle-fed child   Read  Read
  Read Schlüsselkind door-key child   Read  Read
  Read Lieblingskind favourite child   Read  Read
  Read kindersicher child proof   Read  Read
  Read Wunderkind child genius   Read  Read
  Read Kinderarbeit child labor   Read  Read
  Read Kindermord child murder   Read  Read
  Read Kind-Widget child widget   Read  Read
  Read Kindersicherung child lock   Read  Read
  Read kindlich like a child   Read  Read
  Read Kinderfürsorge child care   Read  Read
  Read Kindergeld child benefit   Read  Read
  Read Kinderzulage child bounty   Read  Read
  Read Wunderkind child prodigy   Read  Read
  Read Kinderarbeit child labour   Read  Read
  Read kindergesichert child proof   Read  Read
  Read Kinderehe child marriage   Read  Read
  Read Kindermorde child murders   Read  Read
  Read Kindesraub child stealing   Read  Read
  Read Kindergeld child benefits   Read  Read
  Read Kinderschändung child abuse   Read  Read
  Read Kind critically ill child   Read  Read
  Read Kindergeld child allowance   Read  Read
  Read Kinderfreibetrag child relief   Read  Read
  Read Kinderbeihilfe child support   Read  Read
  Read Kinderopfer child sacrifice   Read  Read
  Read Kindererziehung child rearing   Read  Read
  Read Kinderfürsorge child welfare   Read  Read
  Read Kindermörder child murderer   Read  Read
  Read Kindesmörder child murderer   Read  Read
  Read Kriegskind child of war   Read  Read
  Read Naturkind child of nature   Read  Read
  Read Kind child mental health   Read  Read
  Read Nachbarskind child next door   Read  Read
  Read Glückskind child of Fortune   Read  Read
  Read Kindersitz child safety seat   Read  Read
  Read Kinderraub kidnapping of a child   Read  Read
  Read kindgemäß suitable for a child   Read  Read
  Read Kindergeld child benefit [Br.]   Read  Read
  Read Hurenkind child of a whore   Read  Read
  Read Kind child with cerebral palsy   Read  Read
  Read uneheliches Kind bastard child   Read  Read
  Read vermisstes Kind lost child   Read  Read
  Read verzogenes Kind peevish child   Read  Read
  Read verzogenes Kind spoilt child   Read  Read
  Read vorlautes Kind pert child   Read  Read
  Read unschuldiges Kind artless child   Read  Read
  Read zappeliges Kind fidgety child   Read  Read
  Read zartes Kind frail child   Read  Read
  Read ungezogenes Kind naughty child   Read  Read
  Read süßes Kind cunning child   Read  Read
  Read bockiges Kind contrary child   Read  Read
  Read eheliches Kind legitimate child   Read  Read
  Read reizendes Kind adorable child   Read  Read
  Read angenommenes Kind adopted child   Read  Read
  Read anormales Kind defective child   Read  Read
  Read evakuiertes Kind evacuee child   Read  Read
  Read natürliches Kind chance child   Read  Read
  Read folgsames Kind obedient child   Read  Read
  Read frühreifes Kind forward child   Read  Read
  Read geistiges Kind brain child   Read  Read
  Read leibliches Kind natural child   Read  Read
  Read lebhaftes Kind active child   Read  Read
  Read kleines Kind little child   Read  Read
  Read artiges Kind good child   Read  Read
  Read aufgewecktes Kind bright child   Read  Read
  Read ausgesetztes Kind exposed child   Read  Read
  Read Kind der Liebe love child   Read  Read
  Read nicht eheliches Kind chance child   Read  Read
  Read eheliches Kind child born in wedlock   Read  Read
  Read von Kindheit an from a child   Read  Read
  Read Mutter und Kind ... mother and child   Read  Read
  Read ist das Kind von Is child of   Read  Read
  Read ein Kind annehmen to adopt a child   Read  Read
  Read ein Kind zur Welt bringen bear a child   Read  Read
  Read ein Kind austragen carry a child to term   Read  Read
  Read an Kindes statt in place of a child   Read  Read
  Read das Kind im Mutterleib the child in the womb   Read  Read
  Read j. ist ein großes Kind to be a big child/baby   Read  Read
  Read Kinder (n) children (n)   Read  Read
  Read Skikinder ski children   Read  Read
  Read Schulkinder school children   Read  Read
  Read Blumenkinder flower children   Read  Read
  Read kinderlieb fond of children   Read  Read
  Read kinderarm with few children   Read  Read
  Read Kinderwelt world of children   Read  Read
  Read Kindershow show for children   Read  Read
  Read Kinderschar group of children   Read  Read
  Read Kinderschar swarm of children   Read  Read
  Read Kinderzahl number of children   Read  Read
  Read kinderreich with many children   Read  Read
  Read Kinderfreund friend of children   Read  Read
  Read Kindernarr great lover of children   Read  Read
  Read Kindermund the things children say   Read  Read
  Read lärmende Kinder noisy children   Read  Read
  Read Kind (n) children (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kind normal children   Read  Read
  Read Kind myopic children   Read  Read
  Read Kind Chinese children   Read  Read
  Read Kind Canadian children   Read  Read
  Read Kind very young children   Read  Read
  Read abgeleitet (adj) child (adj)   Read  Read
  Read abgeleiteter Knoten child node   Read  Read
  Read schwanger (adj) with child (adj)   Read  Read
  Read hochschwanger big with child   Read  Read
  Read Kleinkind (n nt) small child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kindersegen (n) children (n)   Read  Read
  Read Stadtkind (n) town child (n)   Read  Read
  Read bekindert (adj) children (adj)   Read  Read
  Read bekindert with children   Read  Read
  Read USA (n) US children (n)   Read  Read
  Read Krank (n) sick child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wildfang (n) wild child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Slumkind (n) slum child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kind (n) US children (n)   Read  Read
  Read abgeleiteter Prozess (n) child (n)   Read  Read
  Read abgeleiteter Prozeß (n) child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ziehkind (n) nurse child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Nachwuchs (n) child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Einzelkind (n) only child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ziehkind (n) foster child (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wechselbalg (n) elf child (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Wolfsmensch wolf child   Read  Read
  Read Neugeburt newborn child   Read  Read
  Read Musterknabe model child   Read  Read
  Read Norm normal children   Read  Read
  Read Totgeburt deadborn child   Read  Read
  Read Neugeboren newborn child   Read  Read
  Read China Chinese children   Read  Read
  Read Mißgeburt deformed child   Read  Read
  Read Totgeburt stillborn child   Read  Read
  Read quengelig grumpy (child)   Read  Read
  Read Leibesfrucht unborn child   Read  Read
  Read Missgeburt deformed child   Read  Read
  Read Neugeborene new-born child   Read  Read
  Read Geistesprodukt brain child   Read  Read
  Read Halbwaise fatherless child   Read  Read
  Read Halbwaise motherless child   Read  Read
  Read Kanada Canadian children   Read  Read
  Read Wildfänge wild children   Read  Read
  Read Wechselbalg changeling child   Read  Read
  Read Großstadtpflanze city child   Read  Read
  Read Störenfried disruptive child   Read  Read
  Read Child-Klasse child class   Read  Read
  Read Schuljugend school children   Read  Read
  Read Tagesmutter child minder   Read  Read
  Read Unterfenster child window   Read  Read
  Read Säuglingspflege child care   Read  Read
  Read Tochterprozess child process   Read  Read
  Read Jugendwohlfahrt child welfare   Read  Read
  Read Krankheit critically ill child   Read  Read
  Read Säugling child in arms   Read  Read
  Read Naturmensch child of nature   Read  Read
  Read adoptieren to adopt a child   Read  Read
  Read Täufling child to be baptized   Read  Read
  Read Halbwaise child who has lost one parent   Read  Read
  Read untergeordnetes VLM child VLM   Read  Read
  Read arme Würmer bits of children   Read  Read
  Read kleines Würmchen a mite of a child   Read  Read

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