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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read beruhen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read beruhend being based on   Read  Read
  Read basierend (adj) based (adj)   Read  Read
  Read zellenbasierend Cell based   Read  Read
  Read beheimatet (adj) based (adj)   Read  Read
  Read mit (prep) based (prep)   Read  Read
  Read basieren (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read aufbauen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read gründen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read stützen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read Basis (n f) based (n)   Read  Read
  Read ansässig (adj) based (adj)   Read  Read
  Read fußen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read zeigerbezogen (adj) based (adj)   Read  Read
  Read auf Grundlage (adv) based (adv)   Read  Read
  Read zugrunde liegen (v) based (v)   Read  Read
  Read fußen (v) be based (v)   Read  Read
  Read beruhen (v) be based (v)   Read  Read
  Read basieren (v) be based (v)   Read  Read
  Read aufbauen (v) be based (v)   Read  Read
  Read aufsetzen (v) be based (v)   Read  Read
  Read Web-basiert (adj) web based (adj)   Read  Read
  Read WWW-basiert (adj) web based (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read zu Grunde liegen based   Read  Read
  Read datenbasiert data based   Read  Read
  Read Legierung based alloy   Read  Read
  Read Radar space based radar   Read  Read
  Read WBT Web Based Training   Read  Read
  Read ABC Activity Based Costing   Read  Read
  Read WBT Windows Based Terminal   Read  Read
  Read CDMA-System CDMA based system   Read  Read
  Read Regelrahmen rule based frames   Read  Read
  Read CBT Computer Based Training   Read  Read
  Read Netzmodell network based model   Read  Read
  Read tatsächlich based on facts   Read  Read
  Read Tonkeramik Clay based ceramic   Read  Read
  Read TDMA-Telefon TDMA based phones   Read  Read
  Read PC-Steuerung PC based control   Read  Read
  Read Unterricht Web based teaching   Read  Read
  Read Textanzeige text based display   Read  Read
  Read UNIX UNIX based compressors   Read  Read
  Read Handel Internet based commerce   Read  Read
  Read Bildtextur image based textures   Read  Read
  Read leistungsbezogen based on merit   Read  Read
  Read Linux Linux based PC cluster   Read  Read
  Read CCD-Kamera CCD camera based device   Read  Read
  Read PC-Haufen Linux based PC cluster   Read  Read
  Read Leistungslohn wage based on output   Read  Read
  Read Cobalt Co based amorphous wires   Read  Read
  Read EC agent based electronic commerce   Read  Read
  Read Base base   Read  Read
  Read Fuß base   Read  Read
  Read Radix base   Read  Read
  Read Lauge base   Read  Read
  Read feige base   Read  Read
  Read Basis base   Read  Read
  Read legen base   Read  Read
  Read setzen base   Read  Read
  Read Basis bases   Read  Read
  Read unedel base   Read  Read
  Read gemein base   Read  Read
  Read Basen bases   Read  Read
  Read Sockel base   Read  Read
  Read Träger base   Read  Read
  Read Packlage base   Read  Read
  Read Fußteil base   Read  Read
  Read knüpfen base   Read  Read
  Read arbeiten base   Read  Read
  Read Substrat base   Read  Read
  Read gemein basely   Read  Read
  Read basieren base   Read  Read
  Read Standard base   Read  Read
  Read Grundzahl base   Read  Read
  Read Fußpunkt base   Read  Read
  Read Festpunkt base   Read  Read
  Read Unterlage base   Read  Read
  Read Haftgrund base   Read  Read
  Read Unterteil base   Read  Read
  Read schurkisch base   Read  Read
  Read Bezugswert base   Read  Read
  Read beheimaten base   Read  Read
  Read gründend basing   Read  Read
  Read Stützpunkt base   Read  Read
  Read Grundplatte base   Read  Read
  Read stützend basing   Read  Read
  Read grundlegend base   Read  Read
  Read Kardinalzahl base   Read  Read
  Read Grundelement base   Read  Read
  Read stationieren base   Read  Read
  Read Grundfläche base   Read  Read
  Read Steuerobjekt base   Read  Read
  Read Fliegerhorst base   Read  Read
  Read Unterbauten bases   Read  Read
  Read nichtswürdig base   Read  Read
  Read Standquartier base   Read  Read
  Read entwürdigend base   Read  Read
  Read nachempfinden base   Read  Read
  Read selbstsüchtig base   Read  Read
  Read Trägermaterial base   Read  Read
  Read Laugflüssigkeit base   Read  Read
  Read niederträchtig basely   Read  Read
  Read Laugenflüssigkeit base   Read  Read
  Read Bemessungsgrundlage base   Read  Read
  Read Basis base line   Read  Read
  Read beruhen base on   Read  Read
  Read BS base station   Read  Read
  Read stützen base on   Read  Read
  Read gründen base on   Read  Read
  Read BR base register   Read  Read
  Read Eckzins base rate   Read  Read
  Read Boden sponge base   Read  Read
  Read Träger film base   Read  Read
  Read Grundöl base oil   Read  Read
  Read Halbzinn base tin   Read  Read
  Read Rohöl base crude   Read  Read
  Read BP base processor   Read  Read
  Read Bettrost bed base   Read  Read
  Read Basisöl base oil   Read  Read
  Read Leitzins base rate   Read  Read
  Read Basisart base type   Read  Read
  Read B-Makro base macro   Read  Read
  Read Grundlohn base pay   Read  Read
  Read Heimbase home base   Read  Read
  Read Fußteil base part   Read  Read
  Read Lauflinie base line   Read  Read
  Read Basisband base band   Read  Read
  Read Radstand wheel base   Read  Read
  Read Grundlast base load   Read  Read
  Read Grundzeit base time   Read  Read
  Read Grundkarte base map   Read  Read
  Read Grundzeit time base   Read  Read
  Read Basisjahr base year   Read  Read
  Read Codebasis code base   Read  Read
  Read Mondbasis Moon base   Read  Read
  Read Basismode base mode   Read  Read
  Read Basiszone base zone   Read  Read
  Read Datenbank data base   Read  Read
  Read Datenbank DNA bases   Read  Read
  Read Basisname base name   Read  Read
  Read Grundform base form   Read  Read
  Read Richtsatz rate base   Read  Read
  Read Basisteil base part   Read  Read
  Read zugrunde legen base   Read  Read
  Read Grundrate base rate   Read  Read
  Read Unterlage film base   Read  Read
  Read Sockel-APS base APS   Read  Read
  Read Stammform base form   Read  Read
  Read Zeitbasis time base   Read  Read
  Read Bodenwanne base pan   Read  Read
  Read Wendekurve base turn   Read  Read
  Read Basislinie base line   Read  Read
  Read Basislager base camp   Read  Read
  Read Tischfuß table base   Read  Read
  Read Falschgeld base coin   Read  Read
  Read Basiswert base value   Read  Read
  Read Rohpapier paper base   Read  Read
  Read Grundtarif rate base   Read  Read
  Read Grundgehalt base pay   Read  Read
  Read Swansockel Swan base   Read  Read
  Read Mundboden mouth base   Read  Read
  Read Ventilfuß stem base   Read  Read
  Read Basisdatei base file   Read  Read
  Read Datenbasis data base   Read  Read
  Read Standlinie base line   Read  Read
  Read Grundlack base paint   Read  Read
  Read Hauptlager base camp   Read  Read
  Read Matrix base material   Read  Read
  Read Hausmacht power base   Read  Read
  Read Klientel client base   Read  Read
  Read Wulstsohle bead base   Read  Read
  Read Grundlinie base line   Read  Read
  Read Basisfeld base field   Read  Read
  Read Grundtarif base rate   Read  Read
  Read Basen chemical bases   Read  Read
  Read Mondbasen moon bases   Read  Read
  Read Fußplatte base plate   Read  Read
  Read Basisboden base floor   Read  Read
  Read Basissatz base record   Read  Read
  Read Grundzahl base number   Read  Read
  Read Grundstufe base level   Read  Read
  Read Metallfuß metal base   Read  Read
  Read Sockelzapfen base pin   Read  Read
  Read Grundstahl base steel   Read  Read
  Read Fliegerhorst air base   Read  Read
  Read Machtbasis power base   Read  Read
  Read Ventilfuß valve base   Read  Read
  Read Basenpaare base pairs   Read  Read
  Read Mondbasen lunar bases   Read  Read
  Read Hauptdepot base depot   Read  Read
  Read Basisplatte base disk   Read  Read
  Read Basisweite base width   Read  Read
  Read Basis base resistance   Read  Read
  Read Grundpreis base price   Read  Read
  Read Basiszahl base number   Read  Read
  Read Basiszeit base period   Read  Read
  Read Basiszone base region   Read  Read
  Read Radabstand wheel base   Read  Read
  Read Etappenort field base   Read  Read
  Read Grundanlage base unit   Read  Read
  Read Grundausbau base unit   Read  Read
  Read Richtlatte base stake   Read  Read
  Read Grundgebühr base fee   Read  Read
  Read Basisindex base index   Read  Read
  Read Augenabstand eye base   Read  Read
  Read Schwenkfuß tilt base   Read  Read
  Read Basisklasse base class   Read  Read
  Read Duschwanne shower base   Read  Read
  Read Fußgestell base frame   Read  Read
  Read Ablageboden shelf base   Read  Read
  Read Grundvorrat base stock   Read  Read
  Read Schriftlinie base line   Read  Read
  Read Grundkörper base body   Read  Read
  Read Grundkreis base circle   Read  Read
  Read Radstände wheel bases   Read  Read
  Read Grundgröße base item   Read  Read
  Read Grundschrift base type   Read  Read
  Read Spulenfuss bobbin base   Read  Read
  Read Bodenplatte base plate   Read  Read
  Read Ventilfuß button base   Read  Read
  Read SW-Basis software base   Read  Read
  Read Schienenfuß rail base   Read  Read
  Read Festgehalt base salary   Read  Read
  Read Stapelbasis stack base   Read  Read
  Read Grundmetall base metal   Read  Read
  Read Grundrahmen base shelf   Read  Read
  Read Stammklasse base class   Read  Read
  Read Basiseinheit base unit   Read  Read
  Read Preissockel price base   Read  Read
  Read Lampensäule lamp base   Read  Read
  Read Grundeinheit base unit   Read  Read
  Read Basis-Index base index   Read  Read
  Read Basis-Makro base macro   Read  Read
  Read Istbestand actual base   Read  Read
  Read Grundplatte base plate   Read  Read
  Read Basismodell base model   Read  Read
  Read Grundmischung base mix   Read  Read
  Read Grundrahmen base frame   Read  Read
  Read Montagewanne base tray   Read  Read
  Read Cholinbase choline base   Read  Read
  Read Etappenlager base depot   Read  Read
  Read Grundanlage base system   Read  Read
  Read Grundausbau base system   Read  Read
  Read Grundlohnsatz base rate   Read  Read
  Read Tragschicht base course   Read  Read
  Read Träger supporting base   Read  Read
  Read Motorsockel engine base   Read  Read
  Read Basisladung base charge   Read  Read
  Read Basisperson Base client   Read  Read
  Read Lagerfuß pedestal base   Read  Read
  Read Brausewanne shower base   Read  Read
  Read Lagerbock mounting base   Read  Read
  Read Basisstrom base current   Read  Read
  Read Kundenstamm client base   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbasis credit base   Read  Read
  Read Oktalsockel octal bases   Read  Read
  Read Swansockel bayonet base   Read  Read
  Read Basiseditor base editor   Read  Read
  Read Hauptbieter base bidder   Read  Read
  Read Grundgehalt base salary   Read  Read
  Read Grundgewebe base fabric   Read  Read
  Read Basispunkte base points   Read  Read
  Read Mietbestand rental base   Read  Read
  Read Mastfundament pole base   Read  Read
  Read Basisgebiet base region   Read  Read
  Read Scheidemünze base coin   Read  Read
  Read Klischeefuß block base   Read  Read
  Read Basisbetrag base amount   Read  Read
  Read Kartonboden carton base   Read  Read
  Read Basissektor base sector   Read  Read
  Read Basisschicht base layer   Read  Read
  Read Bezugsperiode time base   Read  Read
  Read Mietbestand rented base   Read  Read
  Read Basisnummer base number   Read  Read
  Read Putzträger plaster base   Read  Read
  Read Schraubsockel screw base   Read  Read
  Read Ausgangsquelle base code   Read  Read
  Read Fußgestell base support   Read  Read
  Read Grundströmung base flow   Read  Read
  Read Regelgrundlage rule base   Read  Read
  Read Schlussaussage base line   Read  Read
  Read Basisgewicht base weight   Read  Read
  Read Raketenbasis rocket base   Read  Read
  Read Eingabe-Basis input base   Read  Read
  Read Deckleiste base moulding   Read  Read
  Read Vorratslager supply base   Read  Read
  Read Basisbereich base region   Read  Read
  Read Talstation base terminal   Read  Read
  Read Bodendienst base service   Read  Read
  Read Geräteboden device base   Read  Read
  Read Küchenlatein base Latin   Read  Read
  Read Hörerbasis handset base   Read  Read
  Read Antennenkopf swivel base   Read  Read
  Read Gewindesockel screw base   Read  Read
  Read Schichtträger film base   Read  Read
  Read Basisereignis base event   Read  Read
  Read Basisadresse base adress   Read  Read
  Read Bajonettsockel Swan base   Read  Read
  Read Luftstützpunkt air base   Read  Read
  Read Vergleichsjahr base year   Read  Read
  Read Röhrensockel valve base   Read  Read
  Read Trägermetall base metal   Read  Read
  Read Verkaufsbasis sales base   Read  Read
  Read Erosionsbasis base level   Read  Read
  Read Etappengebiet field base   Read  Read
  Read Relaisfassung relay base   Read  Read
  Read Grundbelastung base load   Read  Read
  Read Putzgrund rendering base   Read  Read
  Read Mindestgebühr base rate   Read  Read
  Read Basissteuerung base drive   Read  Read
  Read Ertragslage earnings base   Read  Read
  Read Etappenhengst base wallah   Read  Read
  Read Pumpenuntersatz pump base   Read  Read
  Read Erosionsbasen base levels   Read  Read
  Read Stahlfundament steel base   Read  Read
  Read Grundadresse base address   Read  Read
  Read Kolonnenboden column base   Read  Read
  Read Goliath-Sockel mogul base   Read  Read
  Read Basiselement base element   Read  Read
  Read Kompetenzbasis skill base   Read  Read
  Read Kontaktboden contact base   Read  Read
  Read Halteboden retention base   Read  Read
  Read Kostengrundlage cost base   Read  Read
  Read Kundenstamm customer base   Read  Read
  Read Unterschrank base cabinet   Read  Read
  Read Basisdicke base thickness   Read  Read
  Read Basisprodukt base product   Read  Read
  Read Wertansatz valuation base   Read  Read
  Read Vergleichswert base value   Read  Read
  Read Basisadresse base address   Read  Read
  Read Starttisch launching base   Read  Read
  Read Basisstreifen base stripe   Read  Read
  Read Ausgabe-Basis output base   Read  Read
  Read Basisstation base station   Read  Read
  Read Bezugsmenge base quantity   Read  Read
  Read Basiszeitraum base period   Read  Read
  Read Raketenbasis missile base   Read  Read
  Read Acetatträger safety base   Read  Read
  Read Bezugsperiode base period   Read  Read
  Read Kapitalbasis capital base   Read  Read
  Read Basisspeicher base memory   Read  Read
  Read Grundstoff base materials   Read  Read

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