Breaking the Language Barrier

Linguatec Research and Industry Project Backgrounder

Linguatec has participated in numerous innovative projects, both on a European and National level. European research projects include:

  1. MOVIES Project (Mobile and Vehicles Enhanced Services)

    Objective: To develop location-based services for mobiles and cars
    Partners: EADS Electronics, Ericsson Research, Linguatec, Luciad, Plurimedia, Renault and Teleatlas.
    Linguatec Contribution: Automatic translation and speech output for travel guides linked to the position of the car or mobile device.

  2. VIP-Advisor Project (Virtual Insurance Advisor for Personal Financial Risk)

    Objective: To develop a speech-enabled virtual insurance advisor for personal risk management.
    Partners:Fraunhofer, Linguatec, Mellon Technologies, Pixelpark, Universidad Madrid, Winterthur Insurance.
    Linguatec Contribution: Speech recognition and synthesis components, as well as translation and terminology for financial advisory dialogues.

  3. Avatar-Conference Project (Avatar-based Conferencing in Virtual Worlds):

    Objective: To develop a multilingual virtual conferencing platform.
    Partners: AvatarMe, Exodus, Festo Pneumatics, Fraunhofer, Linguatec, Pixelpark
    Linguatec Contribution: Automatic translation and speech synthesis components in the domain of business conferencing.
    Result: The result of the project was a conference setup called Beyond Babel. It allows participants to talk in their native language, and translates into the native languages of all other participants. This system involves speech recognition, translation into several languages, and output speech synthesis. It was awarded the IST Prize 2004.



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